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You can’t beat the classics.

I love this game. It reminds me of the Monopoly computer game that I used to play in the mid 90’s on my mom’s Macintosh in her office when I was a kid. A bit of nostalgia associated with this app, but that just makes me love it more.

Not Realistic !!

Cant stand this game. Gets me frustrated every time. Rolling dice is supposed to be unpredictable and uncontrolled and solely based on chance. The creators programmed this app to be controlled from the roll of the dice to the ending of every game. If a player has more monopolized property than any other player, then by probability, logic would tell you that player should win. But once you start to establish property and start to put houses and hotels on the property is when all the other players "tend" to NOT land on the property. Thats when all the other players "tend" to gain money "unrealistically" by landing on or going past GO multiple times, avoiding your property by landing on chance, community chest, jail etc all while youre landing on their property. Youll know when the game is about to be over once the other players start to land on your property consecutively. This makes the game unfun and unrealistic as hell !


So rigged its honestly laughable. Waste of a dollar. If I could put no stars I would. The trades the computers do make no sense, you can go around the board and land on another players properties multiple times around over and over again and they will it land on yours. Should have used that dollar for a cheeseburger. EA has gone to trash on their video games should have none this game would have been trash. Deleted.

Sore losers

Sure the odds may be slightly rigged or seem like it but odds are you dont know how to trade In order to get a monopoly you must own all of one color... to do this make trades that they must take or give them stuff that is worthless The Computer may get dice benefits but the AI is trash

Bluetooth multiplayer useless in ios 11.0.3

FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

The dice is rigged

The AI will always have the upper hand

This game cheats

Computer cheats so much it takes all the fun out of it constantly give itself favorable rolls, cards and trades. It would be fun if it didnt cheats so much

Keep my dollar...

What a pathetic AI game. You will always win the first game. After that, once Electronic Arts has your cash and info, the AI model forces cheats. Basically they want your money and then they want you off the app. Fight back. Boycott Electronic Arts games.

No online multiplayer

Unacceptable in 2017

Great Feel, Terrible Odds

The game has great programming behind the process, but the odds are most definitely rigged. I got tired of playing because you can’t seem to win it remotely plan to win because the AI still manages to take over. Anytime the dice roll for me, they favor the odds of the AI. It seems like the only time you win is by passing go, even then I end up landing either on a tax or the die will roll to put me on another AI property. It just isn’t fair and you can tell when the dice roll... fake rolls are not fare.

Too easy

AI on lv3 difficulty still too easy to beat even you lack of luck. Just need to play around with the $!

Very fun

I love this game! Good animation and you can play it quit quickly.

Super good game but gets boring

This game is one of my all time favorites. No matter how many times I win or lose, its just the same old game. And thats the problem. Playing the same thing over 100 times just gets boring. Maybe if they added more features, itd be better

Rigged Dice

Fun game, but the dice are rigged. I could have hotels down every property on two sides of the board and the AI will just "happen" to hit all the chances/community chests/etc for multiple turns. I love Monopoly, but lets be honest... This game is just not designed for you to win.


Always losing connection to host. TRASH. F this game!

Rigged Dice

There are a lot of complaints about the dice being rigged and from playing hundreds of hours I can definitely say it is. Basically what happens is once you start building houses and hotels then the NPCs will conveniently get rolls skipping your hotels every time


So rigged its honestly laughable. Waste of a dollar.

This should not be even 1 star

It did not let me play and its so rigged its basicly money spent on the worst thing ever. DONT GET IT IM WARNING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dices are rigged lol

Yep the dices are rigged but the game is still pretty fun, I bought all property and left him the railroads and he seem too land on his railroads, free parking and jail for at least 5 rounds.

This game is ruled by lemons

DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. If you look at the monopoly mans head, you can see that his head is lemon shaped. This game has ruined my life. After playing with friends, I started craving lemons, so I bought some from the store and ate them. I hated the bitter, sour taste, but I still ate the while thief. The next morning, I get a package from amazon, even though I didnt order anything. I open the box, and I find even more lemons. I took one the lemons to put it in the trash, but I end up putting the lemon in my mouth, this lemon was even more sour than before. I wanted so desperately stop eating the lemon. Salty tears fell to the ground as I ate all 50 lemons inside of that box. Later that day, I went to a restaurant with a friend. Everything on the menu had lemons in it. I ordered a hamburger, but when i got my food, all i got was a lemon. I quickly threw the lemon to the ground, and started screaming. Everyone was staring at me. I tried so hard not to eat the lemon, but i still slowly picked it up. The lemon was covered with dirt, and had a hair on it. Every nerve in my body was telling me not to eat the lemon, but I still raised it to my mouth, and ate it. I coughed and gagged after taking the first bite. I couldnt stand the sourness of this lemon. This game is the reason why. Everyday, I end up eating lemon after lemon. Whenever I drink water, it turns into lemonade. I can barley handle it anymore. So I beg you, if you dont want to eat sour lemons for the rest of your life, then NEVER ever play this game.

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