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Discontinuing game - don’t buy

After I just purchased this, I opened the game only to get an announcement in the game that it will no longer be supported 12/15/17. It should not be available for purchase without a warning!

I just bought it and it says its being discontinued

It would’ve been nice to know ahead of time that the game is being discontinued before buying it. What a waste of money.


Not a review but since this game is no longer going to be in the App Store will people be getting the money they payed for it back?


Only after you buy it do they tell you there wont be any future support. Is the game so good that it doesnt need it? Hardly. The GUI is game design 101, very basic, slow, not intuitive. And rigged? Well, the computer managed to not land on my Park Place & Boardwalk houses about 15 x around. Not even worth a buck.


I dont mind the dice being rigged (or not?), but I think its entirely unacceptable that, with the most recent update, the game starts with an announcement saying that, as of 15 December 2017, the makers of the game will no longer be updating it. Not only that, but if you delete the game or get another device after that date, you wont be allowed to download it again. Thanks a ton! So basically I paid for a game that I can really only play if I keep the same device forever, as well as hopefully never accidentally delete it? Great job, developers! Truly terrific!

NOW you are retiring the game

I just bought this game not too long ago and now I see a message that EA is retiring this game. I want a refund. Plus the game is still on iTunes to purchase. Don’t purchase this game it is short lived!


I previously said I like this game. I don’t. It is beyond insane when for 7 straight rolls, the “game (A.I)” lands on only properties it owns, and I only land on A.I owned properties. I’m all for a good competitive game but this such BS

Don’t discontinue! Nooo :(

Great game! They are discontinuing. I’m sad.

literally the worst game ever made

this game is so unbelievably unfair, i dont know what kind of nonsense rng you used but the bots NEVER land on any of your spaces when you ALWAYS land on theirs... 15+ games in a row with absolute nothing luck while the bots get every roll/card? yall tried but produced one of the worst, most broken pieces of garbage, EVER :) beyond pathetic devs


So I bought it today to play with my husband and when I opened it it told me the game will no longer be supported after the 15th so I paid for a game that would only be good for 4 days and then if I ever have a issues well too bad that is not cool and I am going to try to get a refund

EA support killed it

Don’t buy. EA is discontinuing app. Will not transfer to new devices. Want to waste your money? Buy BF2 instead.


It is soon to be unsupported and nothing works. Any other positive review is fraud. Apple should be ashamed for keeping it in the store.

Please don’t retire this app!!!!

So sad to hear there will be no more updates for this game. Love this app. It helps calm my anxiety and stress. Hope you will reconsider. Love this game!!! Love this app! Thank you for updating it!!! So much fun!


Un-winnable trash, and yet I can’t stop playing. And losing. Everything you’ve heard.... it’s true. The favored AI. The inability to win. All of it. It’s all true!


It is a great game, well put together, contrary to popular belief the dice aren’t rigged, but one thing REALLY made me angry. I PAID for this game, and apparently after December 15th you can’t download this game. EVEN IF YOU PAID FOR IT!!! I am SO angry at ea right now. Don’t waste your money, it’s not worth it.

Fun, cool and better than the classic board game.

I really like the nice jazzy music and the additional peices like the cat. The game has nice live action movement and it has more easy trading than the board game

Very fun...but yes, game “cheats”

I love this game. Very fun and great time waster. But for those who will say a game doesn’t cheat...what do you think difficulty levels are? All too often I land on only game owned properties and the AI lands on only free parking, properties owned, or always gets payouts from community chest. I saw a review say people complaining about the game cheating need to play better. I don’t know how to shake my phone better to get a favorable roll of the dice. And besides, they aren’t real dice, they are a computer code and really pre determined. Still a fun game. If you’re going to get bend out of shape don’t play. I recommend downloading.

Don’t buy

So I bought this game today and on launch it tells me that EA are retiring Monopoly on mobile on the 17th of December. Yet they leave it on the App Store... this is why I don’t buy anything to do with EA since the Simcity fiasco and now Starwars. EA I will never buy a single one of your products again. I am also going to do my best to blacken your name wherever I go.


Just purchased the game, and upon opening was informed that on 12/15/17 the game would be discontinued, and no longer be available for download. Have requested a refund because I don’t really want to spend money on a game that will be discontinued in a week.

Love! Please dont go!

Love this app, I got a notification that you will no longer be able to download this once youve deleted it. I play this game whenever Im bored, its the only game Ive ever cared to play on my phone. Please dont leave me!

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